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Besides numerous contributions in Physiological Optics, Photometry and Colorimetry, Yves Le Grand has been known from the three-volume treatise he wrote on Physiological Optics, two of which have been translated in English:
- Vol. 1. La dioptrique de l’œil et sa correction, Ed. de la Rev. d’Optique, Paris, 1952.
- Vol. 2. Light, Colour and Vision (English translation, 2nd edition, Chapman and Hall, London, 1972),
- Vol. 3. Form and Space Vision (English translation, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Ind. And London, 1968).

He was awarded the Tillyer Medal in 1974 by the Optical Society of America. He has been the Professor of the Laboratory of Physics Applied to Biology, Director of the Muséum of Natural History  (1971-1976), and Vice-President of the CIE (1967-1971).

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A symposium on colour vision in memory of Yves Le Grand,
Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, MNHN, CRCC